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What is Digital Marketing & How to Plan it effectively?

Digital marketing is the latest and most effective promotion and marketing tool today. It effectively combines text and other visual factors to enhance the company’s image, in other words, to increase the sales indirectly or directly.

There are numerous methods that can be employed in digital marketing however, the best results are gained only through effective planning and building an efficient online marketing strategy.

These are a few simple and easy-to-follow points to achieve the most effective results from a virtual marketing campaign:

Self evaluation

It is important to evaluate the company/client’s status in the market (whether well-established or a new venture).

These are a few steps to remember for evaluating your company’s status online:

Evaluate your company’s current online status with that of the main competitors.

Notice the latest digital marketing trends related to your particular brand or industry. Follow your competitor’s online campaigns carefully to recognize effective online promotional and marketing activities.

Indentifying customers

In case you have a well-established business then you need to be aware of the exact customer demography. In case of planning an effective digital marketing strategy, it is important to know the exact types of customers that you wish to target. The minutest detail of a prospective customer is one of the deciding factors for a successful digital marketing strategy.

Launching correctly

Digital marketing provides exposure to the brand (or company) on a multi-platform level through effective content delivery. Multiple social media channels make remarkable online identity.

The type of product/service decides the type of platform you need to launch the new digital marketing campaign . Apart from promotion on social media, there is a need to thoroughly collect and analyze all the data.

Goal Setting

Clear and realistic goals need to be set before planning any digital marketing strategy. This helps launch an efficient strategy that focuses on the strength of the product or company and utilize this to promote it better.


Digital marketing certainly costs money, as does any other promotional or marketing campaign. Due to the extent of near-limitlessness of the internet, there are numerous platforms and demography of customers available to be targeted. However, an effective digital marketing strategy also considers the limit of budgeting for any marketing campaign, be it digital or real.

Self-engagement activities

It is necessary to keep supplying momentum to the digital marketing campaign once launched. Social media platforms are highly versatile and fast with changes happening in a short span of time, hence constant and alert monitoring in real-time makes is successful and effective.

Result evaluation

Analysis is the most important part. The campaign’s effectiveness is judged by checking all finer details. In today’s internet-based world, the virtual life is increasingly becoming more prominent. For any company or business to survive and thrive, it has increasingly become relevant to have a remarkable online presence. The online relevance of a business largely decides its growth and success.


Trendy has nearly replaced the word Fashion today. For it is chic, catchy and online, it’s simply handier! Digital Marketing is like this! We all know we are getting impacted by it on a daily basis one way or the other. We know we make use of it, or are brought into play by it – again, one way or the other!

Going by this drift then, businesses not utilizing Digital Media for marketing and communication are surely losing out on potential market somewhere! Here’s the fun you’re missing if, along with conventional approach, you haven’t employed – if not totally switched to – Digital Trend yet!

Instant Connection: You can easily expect customer connection the moment you go online with your web or social media page! Well, explore ways to stay connected and strengthen the product-customer bond!

Cheap, Cheaper, Cheapest!: Starting with free selections, work on exciting and economical online marketing strategies along with your marketing agency, and keep expensive advertising channels optional afterwards!

Traffic Calculator: Choose from various analytic tools that record and keep count, evaluate the number of visitors to your page, and get live insight into how many people were actually converted into real customers from your content.

Real-time Display: Check in real time which ideas clicked (and which didn’t) with your audience, then innovate and get better and better with every post update.

Finer Engagement, Greater Publicity: Once you get the psychology behind specific internet behavioral pattern of your customer, you can plan and develop campaigns and offers that engage them into taking productive actions, like visiting your site, giving you feedback, and in fact buying and rating your product.

Brand Promotion: A well-maintained website, value-based app, creative copy/content, and an updated as well as engaging social media profile/group/page attract and appeal existing as well as potential consumers, reinforcing your brand name, and developing its own niche in the market!

Now, need we say more? Well, so go online now! Contact us. Pacifon Digital Inc. could be your ultimate guiding light!

ow to make Company or Business Ready for the Future?

Every business or company today must realize the full potential of the internet in order to not only survive but make steady progress. Today, the internet is involved in nearly every business, be it selling products or promoting services.
Digital marketing is fast taking the place of conventional real-life marketing and promotion. Today, the internet is increasingly becoming the new competition arena to prove a company’s worth and to evaluate its true level of success.
If you wish to make your company or business a step-ahead of the competition all you need to do is have an effective and efficient digital marketing strategy. Although, the digital marketing field is highly complex, there are few simple points to make your business ready for the future.

Following steps ensure your company makes a remarkable identity.

1 – Identifying Target Audience

The first step is to identify the potential customer base. This is efficiently done by identifying the specific characteristics that segregates your targeted audience from the other million online users. This is done through extensive analyzing of the traffic pattern on the website and identifying the buyer’s specific information such as age, preferences, needs, location, etc.

2 – Competitive Analyzing

Close monitoring and research of the top competitors’ online activities help to identify the missing factors. The customer database needs to be thoroughly researched in order to increase the efficiency of the digital marketing campaign by targeting the correct customers.

3- Identifying best Media Channels

There are various types of social media and other marketing platforms available online. Identifying specific media channels relevant to your particular customer base is one of the keys to successful business.

These are a few popular online media channels that are used today:
SEO (search engine optimization)
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
E-mail marketing
Pay Per Click
Video marketing
Social media advertising
Corporate website
Viral marketing
Free content
Try and evaluate the potential of these channels in terms of the number of new visitors, new lead generation frequency, percentile increase in average deal size, cost-effectiveness, etc. It is advisable to choose a handful of effective channels for successful and precise digital marketing rather than use all of them ineffectively.

Defining Success
The definition of success should be realistic and viable.

Testing the Plan
Digital marketing and promotion companies offer extensive and detailed reports regarding the effectiveness of plans through mock-polls and feedback from users. This helps to alter or change the digital marketing strategy accordingly to increase its potential.
Companies investing less or investing foolishly in marketing strategies are left behind by competitors that are better at digital marketing. Well-planned & well-executed digital marketing strategies can make a difference in making a company succeed or fail.

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